Paperman- A Disney Short Review

Sometimes, six minutes of magic can outweigh two hours of enjoyment. Before seeing Wreck it Ralph, as traditional with Disney films a brief, six minute short was shown before the film, and it often allows the studio to get very creative and think outside the box. The latest one was entitled Paperman, a black and … Continue reading Paperman- A Disney Short Review


Argo- The Review

I really shouldn't have let this one slip away from me. When Argo first came out, I watched the trailer and didn't think much of it; plus, I wasn't the biggest fan of Ben Affleck, and he directed, produced and starred in Argo. I thought I was being smart and resourceful in giving Argo a miss, watching Django Unchained, Lincoln and Gangster Squad instead. Argo, incredibly, … Continue reading Argo- The Review