Coming back after a long break – UPDATE

Dear Reader,

I’m back! After a long break (a whopping ten months) I’ve decided to try and re-start my old film blog once again. I used to have a real spark for writing about film, but after starting studying film full-time in University the sad truth was that my old passion became my homework, and the desire to do it in my free-time seriously dropped off. I think it deserves another chance though; I want to rediscover that hunger and desire that led me to set up this blog in the first place, even if some of my earlier reviews are hard reading now. I hope my experience in University will have helped my standard of writing, and to potentially make them a more academic, interesting read for everyone. I don’t want to just go to the cinema and write about the latest blockbuster from Marvel, or DC. Instead, I want to talk about the films that I personally am interested in, whether that be very new or very old, a classic or a hidden gem. I’m going to try and stop reducing movies to simple rankings, and instead just analyse and talk about them, focusing on what I think is interesting about them (and mostly ignoring films I don’t find interesting).

I hope you haven’t missed me too much, and I hope I can actually commit to this blog properly for the first time!